Research & Analysis

Information is the currency of the 21st Century. Regardless of what industry you are in you need information. Clear, concise and rapid. That is what Rababy & Associates provide our customers.

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Cultural Awareness

The Information Revolution has given birth to globalization never seen before in the history of mankind. Globalization requires an in-depth knowledge of other cultures. Rababy & Associations have been providing cultural awareness for over three decades.

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Risk Assessment

Providing responsive support leveraging thousands of global resources in the production of tailored products to our clients.

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Founded in 2007, Rababy & Associates is a military, intelligence and culture consulting firm specializing in research, analysis and production of assessments for industry, academia and the government.

The information revolution of the 21st Century can be overwhelming and often contradictory. The analysts at Rababy & Associates specialize in capturing the pertinent and critical information from the "noise" and presenting the data in a usable format in the timeliest manner.

Rababy & Associates helps "quiet" the noise by providing tailored assessments and estimates saving our client’s time and money. We have applied the tactics, techniques and procedures utilized in the production of classified intelligence to the unclassified world of industry and government.

R&A has assembled a small team of experienced analysts who possess over 100 years of combined experience in the collection, analysis and production of finished intelligence products tailored to our clients needs.

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